Business training

We offer training in a range of business skills to help you improve your performance.
Our courses are conducted in English by qualified Anglo-Saxon professionals.
Broad experience gained in the business world, combined with work for a wide range of respected clients, gives us an advantage in providing training of real value.

Communications with impact
➢ Effective presentations
➢ Communication audits
➢ Effective use of statistics and concepts in communications

Better business performance
➢ Running meetings
➢ Negotiate with skill
➢ Effective appraisals and evaluations

Facing challenges
➢ Outplacement support
➢ Ex-patting and In-patting support
➢ Cultural adaptation

Answering your specific needs
➢ Offsite meeting support
➢ Preparing for events and roadshows
➢ Custom designed training to meet special requirements

The international environment

Develop practical skills
Manage cultural differences
Adapt your message
Be interactive
Understanding and appreciating differences enables you to work in the intercultural workplace more effectively and comfortably. When you are working in an international environment there is increased demand for your input on all levels.
By identifying the role you play in a team you can overcome issues such as dealing with conflict. Being able to do this when working across boundaries is even more important as it permits you to draw on the strengths that different cultures offer.